TEotW: The Traveling People

Perrin POV#

Perrin, Egwene and Elyas travel southeast accompanied by Dapple, Hopper and Wind. The rest of the pack keeps its distance. Elyas refuses to ride Bela. Perrin has no more Ba'alzamon dreams. Instead, there is a guarding wolf in his dreams. The afternoon of the third day they meet a band of TuathaAn. Perrin is intrigued. TuathaAn sometimes camp north of Taren Ferry but do not enter the Two Rivers. Haral Luhhan is jealous of the quality of Alsbet Luhhan's Tinker-mended pot. Elyas is reluctant to camp with the TuathaAn. Raen, the Mahdi or Seeker, greets them and asks if they know the song.[1] Raen knows Elyas and the wolves. He introduces his wife, Ila, and grandson Aram,[2] who looks like Wil al'Seen from Deven Ride. Raen describes their philosophy, the Way of the Leaf. TuathaAn call those who leave their way the Lost. Aram invites Egwene to eat with him and his parents and they leave. Elyas visited the TuathaAn last spring. Raen relates that in the spring two years ago a band of TuathaAn were in the Aiel Waste. A band of Maidens were fighting in the Blight and were followed back by Trollocs who killed all but one. The TuathaAn found her and she told the Seeker, "Leafblighter means to blind the Eye of the World, Lost One. He means to slay the Great Serpent. Warn the People, Lost One. Sightburner comes. Tell them to stand ready for He Who Comes With the Dawn. Tell them..."[3] then died. Elyas is surprised that Trollocs followed them into the Aiel Waste. They are afraid of it, calling it Djevik K'Shar, the Dying Ground. Elyas seems to know a lot about Trollocs, the Blight and the Aiel Waste. Raen starts to mention something about Elyas' past, but Elyas motions for him to stop.[4] Perrin recalls dreaming about the Eye of the World. Egwene returns and asks Perrin to tell her that Rand and Mat are still alive which he does. He hears wolves howling at the first thin sliver of a new moon.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The song is the growing song sung by the Da'shain Aiel in the Age of Legends (TSR,Ch26).
[#2] Aram has gloom and doom hanging about him.
[#3] Translation - The Dark One plans to use the Eye of the World and the Dragon Reborn to somehow break the Wheel of Time.
[#4] Perhaps that he was a Warder? (TEotW,Ch38) Or something else?

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