TEotW: The Stag and Lion

Rand POV#

Master Fitch tells them that the Whitecloaks claim there is an Aes Sedai in Baerlon[1]. Moiraine asks if Min is still at the inn. Ara leads Rand, Mat, Perrin and Thom to their baths. Ara, who speaks very little, suddenly starts chattering and asking questions.[2] He says he heard about Trollocs in Saldaea. Lan joins them and sends Ara away. They finish their baths and go downstairs to join Moiraine and Egwene. Rand sees Moiraine talking to a girl.[3] Master Fitch, Mari and Cinda serve their meal in a private room. Lan heard that Logain won a battle in Ghealdan. Lan seems to know him.[4] The Whitecloaks are spending their energy arguing with Governor Heran Adan. Moiraine says they will stay in Baerlon for a day to rest, then leave early the next morning. They all go upstairs and Rand falls asleep.

Rand dreams. He is in a long hallway with many doors. The door he chooses leads to a room looking out on a very strange sky.[5] When he looks in a mirror, his face is blurred.[6] He is confronted by a man who names himself Ba'alzamon and offers him wine. Rand refuses. Ba'alzamon's eyes and mouth sometimes flame.[7] Ba'alzamon makes several claims:

He dares Rand to tell the Aes Sedai of this dream. They will certainly not use him then. He breaks a rat's back and then begins bending Rand.

Rand wakes from the dream with chills and a headache.[9]

Category Rand POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Possibly Moiraine on their trip south? If not, who?
[#2] The effect of three ta'veren in the room?
[#3] Min
[#4] Is this Rand's misinterpretation or does Lan really know Logain? If so, how?
[#5] Near Shayol Ghul.
[#6] Ba'alzamon has not identified him yet.
[#7] Evidently the advanced effects of long term use of the True Power. (ACoS,Ch25)
[#8] The return of the Seanchan (People)? This is also part of the Jendai Prophecy. (ACoS,Ch13)
[#9] The beginning of his reaction to channeling. (TEotW,Ch11)


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