TDR: Within the Weave

Perrin POV#

Perrin, Moiraine, Lan and Loial are on the Lugard Road nearing the Manetherendrelle River. He is riding Stepper. He sees a dog's footprint in the stone and smells a sulfurous odor.[1] He recalls his dream of Hopper and Egwene. He hopes she is safe in Tar Valon with Verin looking after her and Mat. They have been pushing hard since Jarra. They are nearing Remen on the river. Since Jarra, they found many signs of Rand's passage at Sidon on the Boern River, at Willar, at Samaha, at Tallan and at Fyall. Perrin asks Moiraine about the many good and bad things Rand caused. She explains that the Creator is good, the Dark One is evil, but the Pattern is neither.

They ride into Remen, a rather large town. Perrin smells the same bad scent that he smelled in Jarra.[2] In the town square there is a tall man in cage hanging from a pole.[3] Lan takes them to an inn, Wayland's Forge.[4] The innkeeper, Gainor Furlan, addresses Lan as Andra. He tells them there are Hunters of the Horn in town and they captured an Aielman. Perrin then recalls Min's viewing. He introduces Lord Orban and Lord Gann, the Hunters of the Horn, and brags how they defeated twenty Aiel. Lan clearly does not believe it. Orban complains of their hurts and demands that Furlan fetch Mother Leich again. Orban also says there are Whitecloaks about. As Furlan takes them to their rooms, Perrin notices a young woman staring at him.[5]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A Darkhound.
[#2] Another Gray Man. (TDR,Ch42)
[#3] Gaul (TDR,Ch34)
[#4] In early printings, the inn is misidentified as Wayman's Forge.
[#5] Zarine Bashere.

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