CoT: When to Wear Jewels

Perrin POV#

Perrin paces in his tent in the early dawn. He has a map of Malden that Get Ayliah, Hu Marwin and Jondyn Barran got from the residents who fled. It is ten days since they found the town, thirty-two since Faile was taken. He let Lamgwin barber him so he looks presentable as a lord. Berelain is there. Gaul, Sulin and the Maidens still have not brought him a Shaido prisoner. Arganda enters the tent bringing money.

They are running out of food, so they will Travel to So Habor to purchase supplies. Gallenne will lead fifty Winged Guards and Kireyin will lead as many Ghealdanin soldiers. Perrin has Aram stay behind, watched by Dannil, because he has been so moody and contentious. Perrin rides Stayer. Wil al'Seen leads twenty Two Rivers men including Tod al'Caar and Flann Barstere. Berelain, Annoura, Masuri, Seonid, their Warder,[1] Balwer has an "acquaintance" in the town so he, Medore and Latian are also in the party. They are all well dressed. Berelain and Haral Luhhan have a saying in common, dress poor to ask a small favor but dress rich to ask a large one. Perrin knows that Masema has spies watching, but they will be gone before the spies can report back.

Neald opens a gateway to a road a few miles from So Habor and the party rides through. There are surprisingly few tracks for a road so near a large town.[2] In the distance they spot a man on the back of a flying creature, a Seanchan scout.[3] They ride toward So Habor.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rovair, Furen and Teryl
[#2] The reason will become clear in CoT,Ch26.
[#3] On a raken

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