CoT: In So Habor

Perrin POV#

Perrin and his party[1] arrive at So Habor. Neald catches up with Perrin as they arrive. The town sits beside a river and is surrounded by a high stone wall. That is why Masema left it alone. They leave most the soldiers at the top of a nearby rise. and Gallenne leads the way followed by Perrin and Berelain, then Annoura, Masuri, Seonid. The four bannermen and three Warder follow. Kireyin, Balwer, Latian and Medore bring up the rear. The town stinks and the people are filthy and skittish. Masuri and Seonid disappear as soon as they enter the town. Balwer and his companions take off down one street.[2]

Lord Cowlin is away, but they are directed to The Golden Barge where they can find the grain merchants. At the inn, Seonid, Furen, Teryl, Masuri and Rovair go their own way. There is no one in the stables so the bannermen including Tod al'Caar and Flann Barstere hold Stayer and the other horses. The inn is also filthy and unkempt. The innkeeper, Mistress Vadere, brings wine while Berelain talks with the merchants, Rahema Arnon and Mycal Crossin. They call for Speral to bring samples of millet, oats and barley. As they agreed, Berelain does the bargaining for the grain. The samples look fine, but Perrin insists on seeing the warehouse as well.

They all go to the warehouses near the river. There are rats in the warehouse as normal, but despite the freezing weather the grain is infested with weevils.[3] Berelain says they will buy the grain, but only for half price after it is winnowed. There is a scream from outside the warehouse. In a panic, Kireyin reports that he saw a man walk through a wall. Seonid who has just returned with her Warder says she saw the man as well.

There are ghosts in the town.[4] Many people have died of fright. Others have killed loved ones thinking they were ghosts. Seonid wants to stay to help, but Perrin refuses. He feels that there is something worse in So Habor than spirits walking.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Wil al'Seen leads the Two Rivers men.
[#2] To meet with Balwer's "acquaintance."
[#3] The theme of decay and degradation is exceptionally strong in So Habor, but it is not clear why.
[#4] For a discussion on the ghosts see the FAQ, Section 1.6.3.

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