A gleeman.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Thom sings a song at The Four Kings and then meets Rand and Mat. (Episode 103)
  • Thom goes outside of town to bury the Aiel man and talks with Mat, including information about the Aiel. (Episode 103)
  • Thom kills Dana and then heads east with Rand and Mat. (Episode 103)
  • Thom, Mat and Rand are riding horses through some trees. Thom thinks he sees a farm ahead, so he rides a bit faster but Mat and Rand stop for a moment. (Episode 104)
  • Thom, Mat and Rand have dismounted and are scouting a farm. Thom says that they'll wait until dark to sneak into the barn, sleep the night, and then be away before they're discovered. Master Grinwell appears with a drawn bow. (Episode 104)
  • Mat and Rand are mucking out the stalls while Thom is sipping tea. (Episode 104)
  • Thom tells Rand the story of his nephew Owyn. (Episode 104)
  • Rand wakes up from a nightmare. Thom is right there to reassure him. (Episode 104)
  • Rand and Thom rush into the Grinwell's house. They see that the Grinwell family has been killed. They then see Mat standing with his back to them. Thom is set to grab Mat, but then Mat points the ruby dagger into the dark upstairs area. He says "I see you" and a Fade's face appears out of the shadows. Thom throws a dagger at it and the Fade is down the stairs in a moment. Thom fights the Fade as Rand and Mat run outside. (Episode 104)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Season 1
    1. Episode 104 - Mat and Rand stop for a moment. Mat and Rand talk about Thom's trustworthiness. Rand wonders if Thom killed Dana just to get them to trust him more.

Book Character: Thom Merrilin
IMDB: Alexandre Willaume