TGS: A Fount of Power

Gawyn POV#

A convoy of boats with Gawyn, Siuan, Bryne and a hundred of his soldiers arrive at the water channel into Tar Valon. The soldiers dress as Tower Guards. They see raken circling overhead as they make their way to the White Tower. They plan to start searching for Egwene in the basement where the cells are.

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Saerin Asnobar POV#

Saerin attempts to coordinate the White Tower defense. Moradri reports that sisters are fighting in small groups of their own Ajah. Captain Chubain enters. He reports that the Tower Guard is nearly useless in the defense. Saerin thinks that Egwene was right in predicting the attack as well as chiding the Ajahs for fighting each other. Katerine, Notasha and two other Reds enter. Katerine tries to take over until Saerin overrides them. They hear booms that do not shake the Tower. A soldier reports that they are coming from the twenty-second floor, the novice quarters.

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Egwene POV#

Every time she strikes down a Seanchan Egwene thinks of Renna. With white fluted wand they cannot shield her except with a circle and the a'dam prevents damane from linking. She strikes raken and to'raken from the sky, especially if they bear captured sisters, but some inevitably escape. She does not think of violating the Three Oaths. This battle must be fought. This raid must cost the Seanchan.

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Gareth Bryne POV#

Bryne and Gawyn dodge falling rocks, fireballs and raken. Bryne thinks Gawyn is rash when he takes on two Seanchan soldiers at once, but he dispatches both with a single move. They spot someone on a high floor who might be Egwene. Bryne realizes that Siuan is gone, but through the bond he can feel that she is alive and in the Tower. She reappears dragging a novice, Hashala. Bryne chides her for entering the Tower, but Siuan says even Moiraine would not recognize her now. Hashala tells them that Egwene was freed earlier and is on the twenty-second floor, confirming their sighting. She wants to help them. A captain named Vestas reports to Bryne that three of the men are seriously wounded. Siuan stops to Heal them. As she finishes, Bryne sees a shadow and, with his Warder-enhanced senses, draws and skewers the man.[1] The man grabs at his wrist, then dies. Siuan says that Min was right in her viewing. But wait. She said both would die if they did not stay together. Quickly she Delves Bryne, finds poison, and Heals him. The man left a tiny poisoned pin in his wrist.[2]

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Egwene POV#

The Seanchan have fled and Egwene is exhausted from the battle, barely awake. She barely notices when someone picks her up. It is Gawyn. She can hear Siuan and Bryne as well. Siuan finds the white fluted wand and she uses it to Travel for their escape. Egwene tries to resist but she is too tired.

Saerin Asnobar POV#

Saerin reviews their losses. There are many dead including over twenty Aes Sedai. Yellow and Brown sisters work to Heal the wounded, using healall on the less serious. She wonders where Elaida is. She is astounded at the report on Egwene. Only three of sixty novices and one of forty Aes Sedai killed. Ten damane captured. Over thirty raken destroyed. Captain Chubain enters bringing an Accepted named Mair who was attending Elaida. She tearfully recounts that the wall collapsed and fell on her. She could not do anything to stop it.

Elaida POV#

Elaida awakes to a sensation of movement and wind and wonders if Carlya left the window open. She realizes she is hundreds of feet in the air. She tries to embrace the True Source but feels pain. A voice whispers that her name is now Suffa and she will be a good damane. Elaida screams despite the pain.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] One of the Bloodknives. (TGS,Ch36)
[#2] This was one of only two viewings with an "if". (TFoH,Ch28, TSR,Ch47) That is because the viewing itself affected the outcome. If Siuan had not remembered the viewing she would not have Healed Bryne in time to save his life.
[#3] So the Seanchan have at least one Aes Sedai collared who knows Traveling. It will certainly be interesting to see how this affects the balance of power!

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