TGH: The Shadow in the Night

Rand POV#

Rand meets Loial in The Bunch of Grapes common room. Dena cheated Loial at dice. As they head back into town, Trollocs and Darkfriends attack. Loial kills one of the Trollocs. Selene shows up. They run east and hide in the Illuminator's chapter house. Loial knocks over a rack of punks and sets off a huge mortar. Two Illuminators, Tammuz and Aludra, almost catch them, but mysteriously do not see them.[1] Aludra is furious because the display is for Galldrian. The Trollocs enter and Rand blasts them with another mortar, starting a fire. Selene disappears again and Rand and Loial head back into town. Back at the Defender of the Dragonwall they rejoin Hurin. Cuale brings Rand a message just left by an old woman.[2] The message is from Selene. She tells him to think of glory and her. Rand wishes Ingtar would hurry up and arrive.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because Selene has hidden them with the One Power.
[#2] Most likely Selene in disguise.

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