TDR: Nightmares Walking

Perrin POV#

Perrin wakes and jumps from his bed. It is late at night. Trollocs are attacking the camp. Lan and Moiraine join the battle. A Fade kills Leya, then Perrin kills the Fade. Wolves arrive and participate in the battle. Several wolves and Shienarans are killed. Another group of wolves attack and kill another Fade. All but one, Morning Mist, die in the fight. After all the Trollocs are dead, Min and Loial come over to where Perrin is standing. The Shienarans were most impressed with his fighting. Masema says the wolves were a sign, but Uno tells him to shut up. Perrin and Min go to talk to Rand. He is upset because he could not control saidin enough to help. Rand felt them coming.[1] Perrin worries about the wolves talking to him and recalls that Elyas Machera apparently could control it. Moiraine Heals Perrin's wounds using her ivory figurine angreal. Rand's wound opened again. Seeing the blood, Rand quotes from the Karaethon Cycle,

"The blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul will free mankind from the Shadow."

Moiraine is surprised and demands to know where he heard it.[2] She partially Heals him again and faints from exhaustion. Lan takes Moiraine and tells Min and Perrin to get Rand to bed.

More Perrin POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] His channeling ability also lets him sense the presence of Shadowspawn.
[#2] The quote is not exact but it is basically what Thom told him. (TGH,Ch26)


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