Pronunciation: STEH-pihn

A Warder to Kerene.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Maksim and Stepin are riding guard for a captured Logain. (Episode 103)
  • Lan and Stepin are practicing with their weapons. Stepin mentions that the Amyrlin Seat is still annoyed with Moiraine. Looking over at Nynaeve, Stepin questions Lan's choice in traveling companions. Lan corrects him, saying that she's barely company. Stepin sees Kerene approaching and walks over to talk with her. (Episode 104)
  • Stepin and Kerene are in their tent and talking about Moiraine and Lan. Stepin mentions that Liandrin has been talking to the other Aes Sedai and the rumors of the Red Ajah gentling men across the countryside. (Episode 104)
  • Lan, Stepin, Ihvon, Maksim and Nynaeve are sitting around a campfire. Stepin is telling a story about Lan and calls him al'Lan Mandragoran. Stepin asks Nynaeve how she got stuck with him, and she says that she tracked him.[4] Stepin explains to Nynaeve that the bond between warder and Aes Sedai is stronger than any other bond. He explains that in the Old Tongue, "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All", which means they serve the world. (Episode 104)
  • Stepin feels what has happened to Kerene and relays the information to the other Warder and Aes Sedai. (Episode 104)
  • Stepin feels Kerene dying. The battle is still raging on and Stepin barely recovers in time to protect himself from an attack. Stepin, Lan and Nynaeve head towards the cave. (Episode 104)
  • Upon seeing Kerene's body, Stepin goes berzerk and attacks Logain with his axes. The axes penetrate the shield, giving Logain the chance to turn them into shrapnel and hurling them back at everyone. Everyone except Nynaeve is hurt or dying. Nynaeve yells "No!" and Heals everyone who was injured. (Episode 104)
  • Stepin is guiding Kerene's horse, which has boots backwards in the stirrups. (Episode 105)
  • The Logain parade passes by, with onlookers gasping when they see the riderless horse lead by Stepin. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin tells the story of how he became Kerene's warder. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin walks out onto an open area high in the White Tower. He approaches an open furnace containing molten metal. He kisses Kerene's ring and then drops it in the furnace where it melts completely away. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin, with a half bottle of wine, asks if Nynaeve has anymore of the sleeping tea. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin has set up a shrine for the Forsaken in his room. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin pours Lan a cup of tea. (Episode 105)
  • Lan finds Stepin in a hallway, dead from a self-inflicted stab wound using the missing dagger. (Episode 105)
  • Stepin's body, in white, is on a table, to allow Warder to grieve for him. (Episode 105)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

Book Character: Stepin
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