See the FAQ, Section 4.6 for interpretations of Perrin's dreams.


  • A tall, slender man in richly embroidered coat and boots with gold fringe; most of the time he held what seemed to be a sword, shining like the sun, and laughed triumphantly. Sometimes the man sat on a throne, and kings and queens groveled before him. These felt strange, as if they were not really his dreams at all.
  • He is on a high stone spire. A window opens and he sees Mat rattling a dice cup. His opponent stared at Mat with eyes of fire. Mat did not seem to see the man, but Perrin knew him. Ba'alzamon.
  • Another window opens - Egwene and Nynaeve and Elayne stood looking at a huge metal cage, with a raised door held on a heavy spring. They stepped in and reached up together to loose the catch. The barred door snapped down behind them. A woman with her hair all in braids laughed at them, and another woman all in white laughed at her.


  • Rand stood amid swirling stormwinds, laughing wildly, even madly, arms upraised, and on the winds rode small shapes, gold-and-scarlet, like the strange figure on the Dragon Banner; hidden eyes watched Rand, and there was no telling whether he knew it.
  • Nynaeve and Elayne stalked cautiously through a demented landscape of twisted, shadowed buildings, hunting some dangerous beast.
  • Mat, standing where a road forked ahead of him. He flipped a coin, started down one branch, and suddenly was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and walking with a staff bearing a short sword blade.
  • Egwene and a woman with long white hair were staring at him in surprise while behind them the White Tower crumbled stone by stone.


  • Egwene stood among a crowd of women, fear in her eyes; slowly the women knelt around her. Nynaeve was one of them, and he believed he saw Elayne's red-gold hair.
  • Mat stood naked and bound, snarling; an odd spear with a black shaft had been thrust across his back behind his elbows, and a silver medallion, a foxhead, hung on his chest.
  • Perrin thought it was Rand. He wore rags and a rough cloak, and a bandage covered his eyes.


  • Mat fighting against himself, a dozen different men wearing his face, all dressed in different types of fine clothing, never seeing the shadowy figure behind him with a bloody knife.
  • Sheep running in a flock toward the woods chased by wolves. A terrible beast waits unseen. Something is wrong with the wolves.
  • Faile, Jur Grady, Elyas Machera, Gaul followed by thousands all walk toward a cliff.