Pronunciation: NIGH-neev al-MEER-ah

The Wisdom of the Two Rivers.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Two Rivers#

Journey to Tar Valon#

  • Lan puts Moiraine on the ground and is tending to her when Nynaeve comes up from behind him, puts a (cleaned up) Trolloc blade against his throat and demands that he leads them to the others. (Episode 102)
  • Lan subdues Nynaeve after she tries to kill him. (Episode 103)
  • Nynaeve wakes up bound and gagged to a tree. She eventually convinces Lan to release her so that she can help Moiraine. Nynaeve creates a poultice and applies it to Moiraine's wound. (Episode 103)
  • Nynaeve watches over Moiraine as Lan leaves to find help. (Episode 103)
  • Lan, Moiraine and Nynaeve meet up with the Logain caravan as it moves east towards Tar Valon. (Episode 103)
  • Nynaeve is still on a ridge overlooking the Aes Sedai camp, eating her lunch. Liandrin comes over, mispronounces her name, and says it's because she can't identify her accent, but that's because she's never heard Nynaeve speak. Nynaeve guesses that Liandrin is there to ask her questions, so she says that first she'll ask Liandrin questions and then maybe answer Liandrin's questions. Her first question is "How long have you known Moiraine." Liandrin smiles. (Episode 104)
  • Liandrin is telling Nynaeve about Moiraine choosing the Blue Ajah and the purpose of the Red Ajah. Lan comes up and asks if he can join, to which Liandrin replies that she's just leaving. She invites Nynaeve to the Red Ajah tent, which is open to all women. After she leaves, Nynaeve tells Lan that Liandrin is a snake. She asks Lan if the White Tower is full of women like that, to which Lan replies that she'll have a chance to find out. He reminds her that Moiraine and he promised to help find their friends when they got to the White Tower. Lan leaves, but as he's walking away, he invites her to the Warder's fire, as long as she doesn't shove anyone into it. (Episode 104)
  • Lan, Stepin, Ihvon, Maksim and Nynaeve are sitting around a campfire. Stepin asks Nynaeve how she got stuck with Lan, and she says that she tracked him.[4] She says that the Warder are more fun than they seem, but they still serve the Aes Sedai. Maksim says that they do not. Stepin explains that the bond between warder and Aes Sedai is stronger than any other bond. He explains that in the Old Tongue, "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All", which means they serve the world. Nynaeve then asks what does that make the Warder. Lan replies "Proud." (Episode 104)
  • At the Aes Sedai camp, Nynaeve sees Lan wandering away from camp and decides to follow him. (Episode 104)
  • Lan explains to Nynaeve that he just finished a Malkieri ritual: seven times for the seven towers of Malkier. Nynaeve kneels down, kisses her hand and then touches her hand to the ground and says a prayer in the Old Tongue. Lan translates it for her. (Episode 104)
  • During the battle with Logain's army, Stepin, Lan and Nynaeve head towards the cave. (Episode 104)
  • Logain turns Stepin's axes into shrapnel and hurls them back at everyone. Everyone except Nynaeve is hurt or dying. Lan is bleeding badly from a neck injury. Nynaeve runs over and kneels by him. She yells "No!" and Heals everyone who was injured. The healing generates a blazing ball of light visible to everyone. (Episode 104)

Tar Valon#

  • Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve enter the Warder' quarters in the White Tower. (Episode 105)
  • There's a knock on Nynaeve's door. It's Stepin, with a half bottle of wine, asking if she has anymore of the sleeping tea. He tells her that the pain is the only thing he has left of Kerene, so he's not ready to let go of it yet. Nynaeve promises him that the pain will never go away, gives him the tea packet, and he leaves. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve ventures outside her room and ends up in the Warder' Hall. Liandrin finds her there and they talk. Liandrin then points out the direction to the library and the gardens beyond that. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve comes barging into Rand's room as Loial is explaining how he found her. She tries to help Mat, but he yells at her not to touch him. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve tells the story of Egwene having breakbone fever as a child. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve is at Stepin funeral and looks uncomfortable and at the point of tears. (Episode 105)
  • Nynaeve and Loial leave Rand and Mat's room in the inn and return just after Moiraine has cured Mat of the ruby dagger. (Episode 106)
  • Moiraine reunites Egwene with Nynaeve and then bring both of them to meet with Siuan. (Episode 106)
  • Nynaeve and the others, except for Mat, enter the Waygate. (Episode 106)

The Ways and Fal Dara#

  • The Two Rivers folk agree to find Mat when this is all over, and then they too continue onward. (Episode 107)
  • Machin Shin tells Nynaeve: You'll hear their screams as they die, just like you heard your parents, and you'll do nothing to save them. You lost Mat and you'll lose the others one by one, until you have no one. (Episode 107)
  • Nynaeve channels a sphere that protects everyone from Machin Shin. This give Moiraine a chance to channel to open the Waygate. Everyone gets out, with Lan grabbing Nynaeve and getting her out. (Episode 107)
  • Perrin thinks he sees Padan Fain, but Nynaeve says he's dead because he was in the Two Rivers at Bel Tine. (Episode 107)
  • Nynaeve notes that Moiraine is talking with Min. (Episode 107)
  • Min's vision for Egwene and/or Nynaeve: white flame, ring of gold. (Episode 107)
  • Nynaeve intervenes, telling Rand and Perrin to stop fighting over Egwene. (Episode 107)
  • Lan makes his way through Fal Dara. He senses that Nynaeve is following him. He continues until he gets to a door and knocks on it. He enters and exchanges warm greetings with a family. Nynaeve moves closer so that she can see in through the windows. Lan and the family settle down for dinner. He senses that Nynaeve is still outside, so he leaves around back and sneaks up behind her, surprising her. He invited her inside to join him and she accepts. (Episode 107)
  • After dinner, Lan and Nynaeve walk back together to his door. After a long silence, he bids her goodnight and goes into his room. About a minute later Nynaeve opens his door and enters. She asks him if he wants her to go and he kisses her in response. They then share an intimate moment. (Episode 107)
  • Nynaeve asks Lan why he is called Dai Shan. (Episode 107)
  • It's morning and Egwene knocks on Nynaeve's door. When there's no answer, she goes inside and sees no one is in there and the bed is completely made. Nynaeve comes in shortly thereafter. Nynaeve apologizes to Egwene for stirring things up with the Two Rivers folk. (Episode 107)
  • Nynaeve tells Lan that after the attack on the Two Rivers, it was Moiraine that she tracked and not him. She tells him that Moiraine has a "tell" and that she's willing to teach him the tell if he brings Rand back. (Episode 108)
  • Nynaeve is trying to listen to the wind, but finds that she cannot since the day that she channeled. She asks Egwene if she can hear anything. (Episode 108)
  • The four Two Rivers folk and Loial walk into Min's bar. Egwene demands answers, but Min says people's secrets are their own. Min then has a vision of Nynaeve burning and guardsmen in the tavern dying. (Episode 108)
  • Loial finds Perrin, Egwene and Nynaeve and tells them about Amalisa calling for any woman who can channel. (Episode 108)
  • Egwene and Nynaeve join Amalisa outside of Fal Dara facing the Gap. Nynaeve asserts their independence from Moiraine. (Episode 108)
  • The Trollocs have breached the Gap. Amalisa tells Nynaeve and the others that they must open up to her when she reaches out with the One Power so that they can link together. They link and prepare to meet the oncoming Trollocs. (Episode 108)
  • With the Trollocs advancing, Amalisa draws even more power from Egwene, Nynaeve and the other two channelers. (Episode 108)
  • Amalisa is still channeling and Nynaeve tells her that they've stopped the Trollocs but Amalisa says that she can't let go of the One Power. Egwene tells Nynaeve that she's burning up. Amalisa says that she can feel the whole world. Egwene collapses and Nynaeve crawls over and unlinks Egwene. Amalisa burns out and Nynaeve almost does. (Episode 108)
  • Egwene heals Nynaeve. (Episode 108)

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