Moiraine POV#

The next morning the palace is in mourning over Brys and Diryk. Lady Edeyn is in mourning over Iselle and now looks like a broken woman. Moiraine searches Merean's belongings but finds nothing so she destroys them. She returns to her rooms to find Siuan. She learned that Rahien was born in a farmhouse two miles from Dragonmount. They discuss the events of the past day. Siuan figures that the Black Ajah did not get the time of the Dragon Reborn's birth, only that he is reborn. They are killing anyone showing signs of potential for channeling such as excessive luck or sudden rise in prominence.[1] Moiraine tells Siuan she thinks Cadsuane is Black Ajah. Siuan will go back to the White Tower and Moiraine will continue the search. Siuan says Lan left an hour ago; Moiraine follows. Outside of town, she catches up to him. He is burning his daori. Moiraine tells him all about the Dragon Reborn. He swears fealty to her and she bonds him as her Warder with an intricate weave of Spirit. She can now draw on his strength. Lan led five hundred men at the Battle of the Shining Walls; half died. They head back to Chachin, then to Arafel, then the world.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Settling the Black Ajah's motive in the deaths of Ryne's employer, (NS,Ch16) Josef, (NS,Ch17) the blacksmith (NS,Ch23) and quite possibly the attack on Lan. (NS,Ch16)

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