Pronunciation: loh-GAIN

A false Dragon who can channel.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Logain's army is invading Ghealdan). He ends up talking with the King of Ghealdan and telling him that there's room for anyone on his side, even his enemies. (Episode 104)
  • Logain has been captured by the Red Ajah. (Episode 103)
  • Logain is sitting in a cage with his eyes closed. (Episode 104)
  • Logain breaks the shield around him, causing Liandrin and Kerene to go flying backwards through the air, knocking them unconscious. (Episode 104)
  • Logain melts down his cage. Moiraine walks into the cave and approaches him, stating that they just have a little time to talk. She asks him why she should believe that he's the Dragon Reborn. He says that he can hear the voices of his past lives when he channels and they're teaching him how to do better this time. (Episode 104)
  • Kerene, Liandrin and Moiraine start to shield him again. Logain pierces the shield. Logain's three daggers of power strike out, hitting the two shields and stopping, but with the third one hitting and killing Kerene. (Episode 104)
  • Upon seeing Kerene's body, Stepin goes berzerk and attacks Logain with his axes. The axes penetrate the shield, giving Logain the chance to turn them into shrapnel and hurling them back at everyone. Everyone except Nynaeve is hurt or dying. (Episode 104)
  • Nynaeve's healing generates a blazing ball of light visible to everyone. Logain stops in his tracks and says "Like a raging sun." All of the Aes Sedai link with Liandrin who then gentles Logain. (Episode 104)
  • Everyone from the Aes Sedai camp is riding/walking to Tar Valon. Logain is chained and sitting on a horse. (Episode 105)
  • Logain is finally visible in a cage on a wagon. People are throwing food at him, and he is slumped in his cage. Mat sees Logain looking up at him and laughing maniacally. Rand tries to get Mat's attention. Mat looks over at Rand and then back down at Logain, who is slumped in his cage. (Episode 105)
  • Siuan asks him if he knows why he's here. He responds by telling her that the further away from the White Tower you go, the more people say that the Aes Sedai are weak. He says that people will remember that he went against nine Aes Sedai and manage to kill one. As the guards remove him from the Hall, he pleads for them to kill him. (Episode 106)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Season 1
    1. Episode 105 - Rand hears bells outside. Loial explains that the Aes Sedai are parading Logain through the streets.
    2. Episode 105 - Mat and Rand make a deal with each other that if either of them start to channel then the other one won't let him end up like Logain.
    3. Episode 105 - Alanna tells Moiraine that the Amyrlin is returning from Caemlyn and has summoned the two of them to the Hall to answer for Logain

Book Character: Logain Ablar
IMDB: Álvaro Morte