Pronunciation: AGH-el-mar; JAH-gad

The Lord of Fal Dara.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

  • Lord Agelmar greets Lan and then asks Moiraine what she's doing here. She starts to explain, but he cuts her off, guessing that she's here because his sister, who is in the room, wrote to the White Tower about the encroaching Blight and Trolloc raids. He says that as always, Fal Dara will be able to protect their own. Moiraine responds that they're not here to advise him on how to protect the Gap, but rather to warn him that the Dark One is using the Ways to move his armies and to suggest that he get some men to wall up the Fal Dara Waygate, which he agrees to. He apologizes to Moiraine and says that all of them are welcome there as long as they wish. (Episode 107)
  • Agelmar, his sister, Amalisa, and his men are walking through Fal Dara. Agelmar tells everyone that he's moving to the Gap and that they all "know what they need to do." (Episode 108)
  • Amalisa is helping Agelmar into his armor while at the same time trying to convince him to wear their father's armor, but Agelmar insists on wearing his own armor. He acknowledges that the Gap and Fal Dara will fall and that he should have listened to his sister's advice about alerting the Tower. His only hope is that their messengers will have a chance to send a warning out to everyone before the Gap and Fal Dara fall. (Episode 108)
  • Agelmar and his army head towards the Gap and enter it. (Episode 108)
  • Trollocs assembly outside of bow range at the Gap. Inside the Gap, Agelmar instructs the army. (Episode 108)
  • The Trollocs attack the Gap. Agelmar eventually is hit in the chest by a spear. (Episode 108)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

Book Character: Agelmar Jagad
IMDB: Thomas Chaanhing