TFoH: Sallie Daera

Min POV#

Min, Siuan, Leane and Logain ride west from Lugard with Min on Wildrose, Leane on Moonflower and Siuan on Bela. They follow the Jehannah Road to the Manetherendrelle River and Altara then turn southwest. They reach western Altara near the Eldar River. Logain has become very depressed, but Min still views the aura of glory about him. Fifteen days after Lugard, they reach a large village full of Aes Sedai and Warder, Salidar. They go to the largest inn and enter the common room where four Aes Sedai, Sheriam, Carlinya, Myrelle and Anaiya, meet them. Min views them:

  • Sheriam - Rays of silver and blue flashed about her fiery hair, and a soft golden light; Min could not say what it meant.[1]
  • Carlinya - an image of a raven floating beside her dark hair; more a drawing of the bird than the bird itself. She thought it was a tattoo, but she did not know its meaning.[2]

The Aes Sedai question Siuan and Leane to prove their identity. They cover a wide range of topics. Anaiya taught history when Siuan was twenty-two and Accepted. Sheriam and Carlinya were novices and Accepted with Siuan and Leane. Myrelle, younger than any of them, put a trout in Saroiya's bath when she was a novice. Eventually they are all satisfied. They send Min to sit with Logain, then the Aes Sedai leave with Siuan and Leane in tow. A novice named Tabiya offers her a meal. She tells Min that Salidar is only a mile east of the Eldar River and Amadicia. Faolain stops by. She is angry that they are here. She does not believe that Siuan helped Mazrim Taim escape, but seeing Logain makes her wonder. Edesina comes by and sends her away. Min views Edesina:

  • a silvery collar suddenly appeared, snug around the woman's neck, and as suddenly seemed to shatter. She did not like viewings connected to the Seanchan. At least Edesina would escape somehow.[3]

Kiruna walks by. Min knew her in the White Tower but she does not seem to recognize Min.[4] She is sister to the king of Arafel. She leaves with her four Warder. Min hopes things are going well with Siuan and Leane.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Something unexpected! (TGS,Ch45)
[#2] The raven tattoo is the mark of property of the Seanchan royalty.
[#3] Edesina will be captured by the Seanchan in Tarabon then freed by Mat. (WH,Ch31)
[#4] Did Kiruna just not recognize "Elmindreda" or is this a hint that there is something not right about her?

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