CoT: The Scent of a Dream

Perrin POV#

As Perrin and Aram ride northeast our to camp, their horses rear and shy. Perrin smells the scent from his dream, reminiscent of burned sulfur, and knows it is Darkhound. They find huge paw prints in stone confirming them. Perrin sends Aram to warn Dannil and the others, then follows the trail. He remembers that Moiraine had to use balefire to stop the Darkhound in Illian. The trail circles the whole camp. They came from the north, circled the camp and headed south.[1] Back at his starting place, a party of fifty or sixty is waiting including Berelain and her maid,[2] Carelle, Masuri and Annoura.

Berelain brings Perrin a basket with breakfast. Hidden in it is a note that Gendar and Santes stole from Masema's desk. Perrin now worries that the two thief-catchers know about Haviar and Nerion, which would make it risky for Balwer to set Medore on Berelain and Annoura. The letter says that the bearer is under the personal protection of High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath of Asinbayar and Barsabba. Berelain sent her thief-catchers back with the last of her Tunaighan wine but they have not yet returned. Annoura advised that she destroy the note.[3] Perrin keeps it. He tells her that Annoura and Masuri have been meeting with Masema. Berelain is worried and says that she will look into it. Perrin then rides over to point out the Darkhound tracks.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] South from northern Altara can only mean Ebou Dar. Who sent them and who is their target? Possibilities include Mat, Noal, Fain or perhaps Rand.
[#2] This is Rosene or Nana.
[#3] So what are Annoura's true intentions here?

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