Pronunciation: ah-mah-DEE-cee-ah


Its capital is in Amador. It is in the southwest of the Westlands. It is at the south end of the Mountains of Mist. To the northwest is Tarabon and to the east is Altara. The Eldar River is the border between Amadicia and Altara. To the south and west is the Aryth Ocean.

Ruling Body#

Officially, it is ruled by King Ailron. However, since the 930's to 940's NE, the real political power lies with the Children of the Light.

Noble Houses#

7 Towns/Cities#

  1. Abila
  2. Almizar
  3. Amador
  4. Bellon
  5. Jeramel
  6. Mardecin
  7. Sienda

References (Possible Spoilers)#

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