A [Fal Daran|Fal Dara] lord.

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! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* The group enters [Fal Dara] and is greeted by Lord Yakota, [Uno Nomesta|Uno (TV)] and other guards.  Lord Yakota greets [Lan|Lan (TV)] as "Dai Shan" and welcomes them on behalf of Lord [Agelmar|Agelmar (TV)]. ([Episode 107])
* Yakota reports that their men have spotted at least 60 [fades|Fade], so he estimates that there are between 5,000 and 10,0000 [Trollocs], with still more [Trollocs] coming out of the [Blight]. He also reports that two ropes were cut on the drawbridge, indicating that [Darkfriends] are in the city. ([Episode 108])
* Yakota, [Uno|Uno (TV)] and a team of men with pickaxes enter the throne room. They remove the throne from the dais and start chipping at the floor. ([Episode 108])
* The crew in the throne room have uncovered a box under the throne. [Uno|Uno (TV)] says it contains the [Horn of Valere]. Yakota explains that it's to be blown at the Last Battle to call the [Pattern|Wheel of Time]'s greatest heroes to their side, but it's for the Dragon Reborn to blow. ([Episode 108])
* Yakota and the others finally free the box containing the [Horn of Valere] from its cage. They hear a scream and go to respond to it, leaving the [Horn of Valere] alone and unprotected. ([Episode 108])
* [Padan Fain|Padan Fain (TV)] and the [Fades] attack Yakota and the others in the throne room. ([Episode 108])

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