In the Wheel of Time, wolves have a weak association with man. They live partly in %%ot [Tel'aran'rhiod|TelAranRhiod]%%, which they call the [wolf dream|TelAranRhiod]. They communicate with each other over long distances and can communicate with certain rare individuals called Wolfbrothers. Wolfbrothers, however, cannot directly communicate with each other.

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! Wolf Names

* Heartfang - [Ba'alzamon|Ishamael]
* The Last Hunt - [Tarmon Gai'don|Creator]
* Long Tooth - [Elyas Machera]
* Moonhunter - [Lanfear]
* Neverborn - [Myrddraal|Fade]
* Notdead - [Gray Man]
* Shadowbrother - [Darkhound]
* Shadowkiller - [Rand al'Thor|Rand alThor]
* Small Thorny Back - porcupine
* Twisted Ones - [Trollocs]
* Young Bull - [Perrin Aybara]

! References (Possible Spoilers)

# In the [Guide]
## [Glimmers Q&A|Guide] - There can be Wolfsisters as well as Wolfbrothers. [Ogier] cannot become linked to wolves in this way.
# In [The Eye of the World]
## [TEotW,Ch10] - Wolves do not like [Trollocs] and vice versa.
# In [The Great Hunt]
## [TGH,Ch14] - The wolves now call [Perrin] [Young Bull|Perrin]. Wolves only hate two things, fire and [Trollocs] whom they call Twisted Ones. [Padan Fain] offends them even more than [Trollocs]. The wolves do not care about [Darkfriends], but they agree to wait and let [Young Bull|Perrin] help them kill the Twisted Ones.
## [TGH,Ch28] - The wolves call [Rand] [Shadowkiller|Rand]. They are not really afraid, but they are in awe of him and will not come close.
# In [The Dragon Reborn]
## [TDR,Ch36] - Wolves live partly in the World of Dreams, all wolves that are, all that were, all that will be.
## [TDR,Ch36] - Wolves call porcupines Small Thorny Back.
# In [The Shadow Rising]
## [TSR,Ch32] - [Perrin] wonders if [Verin], being [Brown Ajah], knows anything about Wolfbrothers.
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Ch5] - [Perrin] wishes he could communicate directly with [Elyas Machera] the way he does with wolves, but he cannot.
## [CoT,Ch8] - A [Darkhound] is the soul of a wolf corrupted by the [Shadow|Creator]. [Darkhounds|Darkhound] and wolves will fight in the [Last Battle|Creator]. [Darkhounds|Darkhound] can eat the souls of wounded wolves turning them into more [Darkhounds|Darkhound]. [Perrin] wonders if they can eat the soul of a Wolfbrother.
# In [Towers of Midnight]
## [ToM,Ch30] - Wolves in the [wolf dream|TelAranRhiod] celebrate when [Rand] has his epiphany. The [Last Hunt|Creator] will come.
## [ToM,Ch33] - In both the real world and the [wolf dream|TelAranRhiod] wolves are running north for the [Last Hunt|Creator].
## [ToM,Ch35] - Most of the wolves in the [wolf dream|TelAranRhiod] have gone north.
## [ToM,Ch40] - [Elyas Machera] leaves to go north with the wolves.
## [ToM,Epilogue] - A Wolfbrother who dies can become a wolf in the [wolf dream|TelAranRhiod].

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