An [Atha'an Miere|Sea Folk] soarer of Clan [Shodein|Sea Folk]. 

! Crew

* [Sailmistress|Sea Folk] - [Derah din Selaan Rising Wave]
* [Cargomaster|Sea Folk] - Unknown
* [Windfinder|Sea Folk] - [Taval din Chanai Nine Gulls]
* Other Crew - Unknown

! References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [Lord of Chaos]
## [LoC,Ch5] - The ''White Spray'' docks at [Aringill] and [Zaida din Parede Blackwing] and her [Swordmaster|Sea Folk] disembark.
## [LoC,Ch17] - The ''White Spray'' docks at [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)] with [Harine din Togara Two Winds].
## [LoC,Ch27] - [Erian|Erian Boroleos] visits the ''White Spray'' but is denied boarding by the [Windfinder|Sea Folk].
## [LoC,Ch32] - [Egwene] visits the ''White Spray'' but is dumped into the river when the [Windfinder|Sea Folk] detects her ability to [channel|True Source].
## [ACoS,Ch18] - [Harine] has been waiting at [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)] port for an audience with [Rand].
## [ACoS,Ch34] - [Rand] meets with the [Sea Folk] on ''White Spray''. A soarer is not a large vessel.

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