!!! The Wheel of Time

First announced July 1, 2008, __The Wheel of Time__ main chronology has been adapted to comic book format by the [Dabel Brothers|http://www.dabelbrothers.com] and published by [Dynamite|http://dynamite.net/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?CAT=DF-Wheel_of_Time]. Comic book veteran [Chuck Dixon|http://www.dixonverse.net/] wrote the scripts and numerous artists contributed content and cover art.

There are a total of 36 issues covering __The Eye of the World__ and, like __New Spring__, they are being collected in graphic novel format. There will be a total of five graphic novel editions of the individual comics and they are published by [Tor Books|http://www.tor-forge.com/]. The first three are now available with the final two to be published over the next year or so.

|[{Image src='Wheel of Time Comic/teotwgn1.jpg' width='150' alt='Volume 1' }]|[{Image src='Wheel of Time Comic/teotwgn2.jpg' width='150' alt='Volume 2' }]|[{Image src='Wheel of Time Comic/teotwgn3.jpg' width='150' alt='Volume 3' }]|[{Image src='Wheel of Time Comic/unavailable.jpg' width='150' alt='Volume 4' }]|[{Image src='Wheel of Time Comic/unavailable.jpg' width='150' alt='Volume 5' }]