It's been a long time coming. This website was created in the 1990's and it retained that look until now. But with new web technology, plus the upcoming TV series, we decided it was finally time for a change, so we have converted the site to what you see now. There's a lot of things that changed, and below is a summary of the changes.

! Wiki Format

You may notice that the site looks a bit closer to something like [Wikipedia|]. That's because we've converted the site from a plain web site to a [Wiki|Wikipedia:Wiki] site. However, it's still a closed wiki, with only [Gary Kephart] and [Bob Kluttz] having permission to edit. We still need to work on a UI theme to add to the site, but that will have to be future work.

! Searching the Site

[{Image src='Welcome to the New Encyclopaedia/Search button.png' width='100' align='left' border='5' style='padding-right:5px;padding-bottom:5px;'}] The search function in the first version has long been broken. But now you can actually search the site using the magnifying glass on the right in the top menu bar.

! Spoiler Protection

[{Image src='Welcome to the New Encyclopaedia/Spoiler Protections.png' width='200' align='left' border='5' style='padding-right:5px;padding-bottom:5px;'}] Most spoilers have now been hidden by collapseable sections and lists. You'll see them labelled with "Possible Spoilers". Click on them, and they'll expand, showing the contents, and staying open when you return to the page (via cookies). Yes, this adds a little work to those who've read some or all the books, but we thought it would be very helpful for newcomers to the series. There still may be some spoilers in plain sight, so be a bit careful. If you find any, contact us (see options in the left menu).

! Main Page

For a little flashiness on this site, we put the book covers front and center. Click on a book cover and you'll get to the chapter summaries. If you're looking for other information about the Wheel of Time setting, you can find it on the left menu, or by clicking on the "hamburger" button on the top menu bar.

! Point of Views in Chapters

[{Image src='Welcome to the New Encyclopaedia/Tabbed POVs.png' width='200' align='left' border='5' style='padding-right:5px;padding-bottom:5px;'}] We've always had separate sections in each chapter for each point of view in that chapter. To help you from scrolling down to read each of the views, we've put each point of view in its own tab. \\

! Character Point of View

[{Image src='Welcome to the New Encyclopaedia/Character POVs.png' width='200' align='left' border='5' style='padding-right:5px;padding-bottom:5px;'}] We've added a link on all of the relevant character pages that displays a list of the chapters that have that character's point of view.\\

! "Follow" a Character Through the Books

[{Image src='Welcome to the New Encyclopaedia/Follow Character.png' align='left' border='5' style='padding-right:5px;padding-bottom:5px;' }] At the bottom of some of the points of view, you'll see a "follow" link, like "Follow Rand". Click on that and you'll skip forward to the next chapter that has that character's point of view.\\

! Chapter Icons

Now all the chapter icons are clickable, and doing so will take you to a page listing all the chapters where that icon appears. We also now have a [page|Chapter Icons] showing all of the chapter icons. Click on one of the icons and you'll get to the same page that lists the chapters.

! Book Icons

Beyond each book having chapter summaries and plot threads, they also have a list of the chapter icons used in that book.

! Ajah Colors

Knowing which Ajah an Aes Sedai is a member of is important in almost all references to them. However, it's difficult to remember all of that information. Therefore, we're adding the Ajah color to each Aes Sedai's reference, so you'll now see %%blue [Moiraine]%% and %%red [Liandrin]%% and %%gray [Andaya|Andaya Forae]%% and %%yellow [Suana|Suana Dragand]%%, for example. This is a later addition to the site and may not yet be implemented on all pages.

! Future Work

There's still things to add to the site. The most immediate is to add [A Memory of Light]. We're also going to add summaries of each of the TV episodes, just like we did with the book chapters. After that, we have some [planned things to do|To Do]. If you have more suggestions, you can contact us via [email|], [Facebook|] or [Twitter|]. 

If you'd like see the list of recent changes, you can find them by clicking on the "More..." button on the right side of the top menu.

! Contributions

This site took a lot of time and effort to create. If you'd like to show some appreciation, please consider donating via [Patreon|].
Thank you for visiting, \\
[Gary|Gary Kephart] and [Bob|Bob Kluttz]