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! __Almen Bunt__ POV

A wind rises above the misty peaks of [Imfaral] and blows east past thirteen tall, black fortresses.[1] It passes burned ships at [Takisrom|Seanchan (Country)] on the [Sleeping Bay|Seanchan (Country)] and over the [Emerald Cliffs|Seanchan (Country)]. [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] is in chaos. The [Fields of Peace|Seanchan (Country)] are burning and the [Tower of Ravens|seandar] is broken. A murderer rules in [Seandar].[2] The wind blows across the ocean and eventually reaches an apple orchard below [Dragonmount]. The leaves are fading to yellow and the apples are shriveled and rotting. [Almen Bunt] tends the orchard. His wife [Adrinne] died years ago and his sons are managing his farm near [Carysford] while he helps his sister [Alysa] and her sons [Hahn] and [Adim] with the orchard. Her husband [Graeger] vanished in [Negin Bridge] and only a sulfurous-smelling gray tree was left. Farm hands are [Uso] and [Moor]. His sons are not doing well. His potato crop is rotting and full of worms. They consider what to do, perhaps to go to [Caemlyn], but he sends them off to do other chores. [Almen|Almen Bunt] suddenly feels the warmth of sunlight and the apple tree start to blossom. A young man walks down a path leading toward [Dragonmount]. [Almen|Almen Bunt] asks if he is lost and he replies no, he finally understands the path before him. He looks familiar and [Almen|Almen Bunt] recognizes him as one of the boys he took to [Caemlyn].[3] He must be the [Dragon Reborn|Rand alThor]. The man tells him to pick the apples quickly. [Almen|Almen Bunt] is amazed to see that the trees are now loaded with ripe apples. He wonders if he is going mad but the man tells him it is the whole world that is going mad. The man starts to leave and [Almen|Almen Bunt] asks where he is going. With a grimace he says to do something he has put off. She will not be pleased.[4] As he leaves, [Almen|Almen Bunt] sees a warp in the air, a lightness around the man.[5] [Almen|Almen Bunt] feels better than he has in years. He calls the farm hands to gather people from the villages, even those passing on [Shyman's Road|Tar Valon], to help pick the apples. He feels something tugging him after the young man, but he will take care of the apples first.
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! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[#1] These are the Towers of Midnight. ([Guide])
\\[#2] No indication of who this might be or if it is at all important.
\\[#3] [Almen|Almen Bunt] gave [Rand|Rand alThor] and [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] a ride to [Caemlyn]. ([TEotW,Ch34], [TEotW,Ch35])
\\[#4] He is going to the [White Tower] to meet with [Egwene|Egwene alVere].
\\[#5] Contrasting the warp of darkness around him in [The Gathering Storm].
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