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! __Rand__ POV

After the attack on [Cold Rocks] Hold, the [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] claim the right to guard [Rand|Rand alThor] because he has no society of his own and was born of a [Maiden|Maidens of the Spear]. They have ceremonial drinks with %%ot [oosquai|Aiel Items]%% until [Rand|Rand alThor] can barely walk and has to be put to bed. [Aviendha] spends the night sitting by his blankets. They leave early the next morning, [Rand|Rand alThor] riding [Jeade'en|JeadeEn (Rand)]. 

Over the days, more and more [Taardad] join the procession until there are fifteen thousand representing the [Nine Valleys], [Jindo], [Miadi], [Four Stones], [Chumai], [Bloody Water] and other septs. [Adelin] and nine other [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] form an honor guard around him. Ten [Red Shields] guard [Rhuarc] and ten [True Bloods] guard [Heirn]. They reach [Alcair Dal] and see camps of five other clans. There is also a large fair of peddlers. The largest camp appears to be that of the [Shaido] who arrived last night. [Couladin] evidently wanted to stop [Rand|Rand alThor] from entering [Alcair Dal]. The [Wise Ones|Aiel] arrive with [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred], [Lan|al'Lan Mandragoran] and [Egwene|Egwene alVere]. [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred] wants to go with [Rand|Rand alThor], but [Amys] tells her it is men's business. [Melaine] and [Bair] stare at [Rand|Rand alThor]. The peddlers drive up with [Kadere|Hadnan Kadere], [Isendre], [Keille|Lanfear] and [Natael|Asmodean] in the lead. [Egwene|Egwene alVere] rides up and tells [Rand|Rand alThor] he is not fighting alone. He thinks she might mean [Perrin|Perrin Aybara] and [Emond's Field|Emonds Field], but she should not know about that. [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred] then says that she and many others fight for [Rand|Rand alThor] whether they know it or not. She asks [Rand|Rand alThor] to let [Lan|al'Lan Mandragoran] accompany him, but he says the [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] carry his honor. Finally, [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] rides up on [Pips] and asks if he can come and [Rand|Rand alThor] says okay. [Rand|Rand alThor] leads [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] and the spears into [Alcair Dal]. 

As they pass the fair, a small group of men and women come out and confront [Rand|Rand alThor] and [Rhuarc]. Their leader is [Mandhuin], one of the [Goshien]. He tells [Rhuarc] that they arrived first, then the [Shaarad]. The [Chareen] and the [Tomanelle] arrived later, and the [Shaido] this morning. [Sevanna] wanted the chiefs to meet today, but [Bael] and some of the others did not want to. A [Wise One|Aiel] says she has heard that the %%ot [Car'a'carn|Rand]%% will be announced today. [Rand|Rand alThor] rides on and [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] mutters, "%%ot [Mia dovienya nesodhin soende.|Compleat]%%".[1] They ride past the [Shaido] to a ledge in the bowl. Words spoken on the ledge carry to the entire bowl. The four clan chiefs, [Bael], [Han], [Jheran] and [Erim] are there along with [Sevanna] and [Couladin]. As roofmistress of [Comarda] Hold, [Sevanna] stands for the [Shaido] until a new chief is selected. [Sevanna] insists that [Couladin] be allowed to speak, but the clan chiefs resist. [Jheran] says he wants to discuss water at [Chain Ridge Stand]. 

When [Rhuarc] and [Rand|Rand alThor] arrive, [Couladin] jumps to the ledge, claims he is the %%ot [Car'a'carn|Rand]%%, and shows dragons on his arms like [Rand|Rand alThor]'s.[2] [Rand|Rand alThor] shows his arms and says his mother was [Shaiel|Tigraine Mantear], a [Maiden|Maidens of the Spear] of the [Chumai] [Taardad] and his father was [Janduin] of the [Iron Mountain] sept and clan chief of the [Taardad]. In the resulting turmoil, [Rand|Rand alThor] challenges [Couladin] to tell what he saw in [Rhuidean]. The clan chiefs resist, but [Couladin] says he saw the glory of the [Aiel]. [Rand|Rand alThor] then says he saw the [Aiel] when they followed the Way of the Leaf. [Couladin] calls him a liar. Most of the [Aiel] are horrified but the clan chiefs know who is telling the truth. All five of them declare [Rand|Rand alThor] the %%ot [Car'a'carn|Rand]%%. 

[Couladin] throws a spear at [Rand|Rand alThor] that is blocked by [Adelin], then fighting breaks out. [Heirn] and the other [Jindo] join the [Maidens|Maidens of the Spear] around [Rand|Rand alThor]. [Rand|Rand alThor] grabs the [little fat man] %%ot [angreal|Angreal]%% and [channels|True Source] bringing on a rainstorm. Suddenly a dome forms around him and [Lanfear] is there. She is furious with him for ruining her plans and scaring off [Asmodean] by talking of his destiny. [Asmodean] is the only one who would cooperate. [Demandred], [Rahvin] or [Sammael] would kill [Rand|Rand alThor] before teaching him. She tells him that [Asmodean] was responsible for [Couladin] and the [Draghkar]. They were distractions while [Asmodean] made sure. He is now on his way to [Rhuidean], but [Lanfear] does not know what he is after.[3] Desperately needing to get to [Rhuidean], [Rand|Rand alThor] remembers how to open a gateway.[4] Wishing he remembered how he shielded [Egwene|Egwene alVere] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand],[5] he opens a gateway and steps through.
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! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[#1] The translation of this phrase is never given and is not certain.\\
[#2] Put there by [Asmodean]\\
[#3] The [access keys|Control Statue]\\
[#4] From the [Eye of the World] ([TEotW,Ch51]) and from his battle with [Ishamael] in the [Stone of Tear] ([TDR,Ch55])\\
[#5] At the [Stone of Tear] ([TSR,Ch7])\\
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