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! __Egwene__ POV

That evening [Egwene|Egwene alVere], [Elayne|Elayne Trakand], [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] and [Min|Min Farshaw] leave the [White Tower]. They pass %%brown [Takima]%% of the [Brown Ajah] who teaches history. They also pass [Irella] dragging a red-faced [Else Grinwell] by the ear. They pick up their horses, including [Bela], at the stable then they leave through [Tarlomen's Gate|White Tower] in the [White Tower]'s south wall. %%red [Liandrin]%% meets them at the [Ogier] grove and is furious that [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] and [Min|Min Farshaw] are there. She says she had made arrangements "to take care of" [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] and [Min|Min Farshaw].[1] She leads them to the [Waygate|Ways]. [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] says that [Elaida|Elaida do Avriny aRoihan] taught her a little of the [Ways]. [Egwene|Egwene alVere] can sense %%ot [saidar|Said]%% and the taint of the [Ways] as well. They travel through the [Ways] for two days. When [Egwene|Egwene alVere] worries about the [Black Wind|Machin Shin], [Liandrin] says she can deal with it. "%%blue [Moiraine|Moiraine Damodred]%% does not know so much as she thinks."[2] During the first night, [Egwene|Egwene alVere] again dreams of the man with eyes of fire.[3] He no longer wears a mask and his face is a mass of nearly healed burns. He only looks at her and laughs. They finally arrive at the [Waygate|Ways] on [Toman Head].
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! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[#1] Undoubtedly lethal arrangements.\\
[#2] Is she just blowing smoke or does she really have some measure of control over the [Black Wind|Machin Shin]?\\
[#3] [Ishamael]\\
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