A general of [Arad Doman]. One of the five great captains of the land.

! Physical Description

He is very short. He wears a neatly trimmed mustache. ([CoT,Prologue]) 

! Points of View

See Rodel Ituralde's [chapter points of view|Rodel Ituralde POV].

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* Lord [Shimron] and Rodel Ituralde fight the [Aiel] together at [Tar Valon] at the end of the [Aiel War]. ([CoT,Prologue], [TGS,Prologue])
* Ituralde pays a call on Lady [Basene|Graendal] at her palace in [Arad Doman]. ([LoC,Ch6])
* Rodel Ituralde meets with the leaders of the [Dragonsworn] and [Tarabon] in [Arad Doman] to convince them to drive the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] out of [Almoth Plain]. He has another agenda as well. ([CoT,Prologue])
* Rodel Ituralde and his forces attack dozens of [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] outposts in [Tarabon] then retreat toward [Almoth Plain]. ([KoD,Prologue])
* General [Turan] follows Ituralde to [Arad Doman]. An army comes out of the mountains to join Ituralde, then another, larger army comes out of the mountains behind [Turan]'s army. ([KoD,Epilogue])
* Ituralde prepares his defense against the superior [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] army at the town of [Darluna] in southern [Arad Doman]. ([TGS,Prologue])
* Ituralde's trap succeeds and he crushes the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] army against the walls of [Darluna]. He talks with General [Turan|turan] before executing him. ([TGS,Ch6])
* When he is trapped in a %%ot [stedding|Steddings]%% by the new [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] general, Ituralde receives an unexpected visit from the [Dragon Reborn|Rand alThor]. Ituralde agrees to join with [Rand|Rand alThor] and go to [Saldaea] to secure the [Blight] border in exchange for [Rand|Rand alThor] enforcing peace with the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)]. ([TGS,Ch10])
* [Rand|Rand alThor] rides near the [Blight] with [Bashere|Davram Bashere] and Ituralde. They report that the [Blight] is slowly moving south and [Shadowspawn] are massing. ([TGS,Ch22])
* Ituralde has skirmishes with [Shadowspawn] in the [Blight]. ([TGS,Ch42])
* Ituralde has more skirmishes with the massing [Trollocs] in the [Blight]. ([TGS,Ch44])
* Ituralde and his army defend the outpost and ford at the [Arinelle River]. The [Saldaean|Saldaea]s will not let them into [Maradon]. ([ToM,Ch18])
* Ituralde's army is almost overrun when [Yoeli] leads a force of [Saldaean|Saldaea]s to bring them into the city. ([ToM,Ch21])
* Ituralde and [Yoeli] confront Queen [Tenobia|Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi]'s steward, [Vram Torkumen] and accuse him of being a [Darkfriend|Darkfriends]. ([ToM,Ch24])
* [Dreadlords] blast a hole in the city wall and Ituralde and [Yoeli] desperately defend the city. ([ToM,Ch28])
* [Rand|Rand alThor] arrives with [Bashere|Davram Bashere] and his soldiers and [Rand|Rand alThor] destroys the [Shadowspawn] army. They return to [Tear|Tear (Country)] and learn that [Cadsuane|Cadsuane Melaidhrin] found King [Alsalam|Alsalam Saeed Almadar]. ([ToM,Ch32])
* The great captains, [Bryne|Gareth Bryne], [Agelmar Jagad], [Davram Bashere|Davram Bashere] and Ituralde, start strategizing. ([AMoL,Ch7])


! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [The Fires of Heaven]
## [TFoH,Ch27] - The five great captains of the [Westlands|Geography] are [Agelmar Jagad], [Davram Bashere], [Gareth Bryne], [Pedron Niall] and Rodel Ituralde of [Arad Doman].
# In [The Path of Daggers]
## [TPoD,Ch12] - [Graendal] sends [Nazran], under mild [Compulsion|Weaves], to Lord Rodel Ituralde with a forged letter from King [Alsalam|Alsalam Saeed Almadar]. He is to say that Lady [Tuva] gave it to him after being mortally wounded by a [Gray Man].
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Ch18] - In the east there are confusing rumors about King [Alsalam|Alsalam Saeed Almadar], Rodel Ituralde and [Arad Doman].
## [CoT,Ch23] - [Cadsuane|Cadsuane Melaidhrin] notes that the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] are like the five great captains. When they lose a battle, they figure out what went wrong and adapt.
# In [Knife of Dreams]
## [KoD,Prologue] - High Lady [Suroth|Suroth Sabelle Meldarath] sends a huge force to [Tarabon] to track down and kill Ituralde.
## [KoD,Epilogue] - Banner-General [Efraim Yamada] reports to Captain-General [Galgan|Lunal Galgan] that [Turan] and his army fell into a trap that Ituralde laid for him in [Arad Doman].
# In [The Gathering Storm]
## [TGS,Ch1] - [Rand|Rand alThor] thinks Ituralde has been very effective fighting the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)].
## [TGS,Ch7] - In planning for [Arad Doman], [Rand|Rand alThor] says he will personally deal with Rodel Ituralde.
## [TGS,Ch20] - Consoling [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] on his marriage, [Talmanes|Talmanes Delovinde] says that at least two of the great captains, Rodel Ituralde and [Davram Bashere], are also married. [Gareth Bryne] is not. It is not clear if [Agelmar Jagad] or [Pedron Niall] were.
## [TGS,Ch44] - [Rand|Rand alThor] does not care if Ituralde stays at his post or not. Good if he does. If he returns to [Arad Doman] he will help keep the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] from [Rand|Rand alThor]'s back.

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