A weaver from [Ghealdan], engaged to [Hyran]. She becomes a [novice|novices] of the [Salidar Aes Sedai]. She has almost as much potential as [Egwene|Egwene alVere] and has two [Talents|Weaves] - [Foretelling|Weaves] and seeing %%ot [ta'veren|Wheel of Time]%%.

! Physical Description

She is about the same age and height as [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara]. She is slender and dark haired with big eyes. ([TFoH,Ch49]) She has dark eyes. ([LoC,Ch12]) She is in her mid twenties. ([ACoS,Ch9]) She has black eyes. ([CoT,Ch17])

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* [Areina|Areina Nermasiv], Nicola, [Marigan|Moghedien] and her sons, [Seve] and [Jaril], are among the refugees who board the ''[Riverserpent]'' with [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]. ([TFoH,Ch48])
* Of all the refugees, [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] feels closest to [Areina|Areina Nermasiv], Nicola and [Marigan|Moghedien]. The three decide to accompany [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] to [Salidar]. ([TFoH,Ch49])
* [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara], [Elayne|Elayne Trakand], [Thom|Thom Merrilin], [Juilin|Juilin Sandar], [Birgitte|Birgitte Trahelion], [Areina|Areina Nermasiv], Nicola, [Marigan|moghedien], [Uno|Uno Nomesta], [Ragan] and the rest of the [Shienarans|Shienar] arrive at [Salidar]. ([TFoH,Ch50])
* [Tabiya|tabiya] and Nicola attend a [novice|novices] class in [Salidar] taught by [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]. ([LoC,Ch8])
* Nicola summons [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] to [Janya|Janya Frende] and [Delana|Delana Mosalaine]. Nicola always looks at [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] oddly since learning that she is only [Accepted]. ([LoC,Ch12])
* Nicola is in [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]'s [novice|novices] class. [Faolain|Faolain Orande] gives [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] a hard time because Nicola was supposed to be doing errands for her. ([LoC,Ch13])
* [Anaiya] leads a circle including [Elayne|Elayne Trakand], [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara], Nicola, [Ashmanaille], [Bharatine], [Angla], [Lanita], [Shimoku] and [Calindin] when a bubble of evil attacks [Salidar]. Nicola has a [Foretelling|Weaves] and [Anaiya] asks to speak with her first thing in the morning. ([LoC,Ch14])
* [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] and Nicola are sweeping the floor of the [Little Tower|Salidar] when [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] enters. ([LoC,Ch29])
* When [Mat|Matrim Cauthon] rides into [Salidar], [Anaiya] brings Nicola to look at him. She sees a glow around him indicating that she has the [Talent|Weaves] of seeing %%ot [ta'veren|Wheel of Time]%%. ([LoC,Ch38])
* Nicola and [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] try to blackmail [Egwene|Egwene alVere] into accelerating her lessons by threatening to disclose that [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara] and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand] posed as full [Aes Sedai] before they were raised. ([ACoS,Ch9])
* Nicola and [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] are in the camp with [Nisao|Nisao Dachen] and [Lan|al'Lan Mandragoran]. They have been blackmailing [Nisao|Nisao Dachen] and [Myrelle|Myrelle Berengari] for accelerated lessons for Nicola. They are sent back to the main camp with dire threats. ([ACoS,Ch12])
* [Bodewhin|Bodewhin Cauthon] and Nicola practice making %%ot [cuendillar|Cuendillar]%% while [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] watches. [Sharina Melloy] dismisses them to their class and [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] leaves with them. ([CoT,Ch17])
* [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] and Nicola run away from the [Salidar Aes Sedai] camp. Nicola goes to the [White Tower] in hopes of learning faster. ([CoT,Ch30], [KoD,Prologue])
* Nicola is waiting on [Elaida|Elaida do Avriny aRoihan] when news comes of [Egwene|Egwene alVere]'s capture. She waits at the back entrance to the [White Tower] with instructions and apologizes to [Egwene|Egwene alVere] for running away. ([KoD,Prologue])
* After [Egwene|Egwene alVere] is captured, [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] and Nicola tell stories about her making her a hero. ([KoD,Ch24])
* The [Sitters]' cabal proves out Nicola with the [Oath Rod], then they send her to convey messages to [Egwene|Egwene alVere]. She panics when the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)] attack but [Egwene|Egwene alVere] leads her to fight. ([TGS,Ch39])
* [Egwene|Egwene alVere] recruits many other [novices] and, with the help of Nicola, teaches them to link to form circles to fight the [Seanchan|Seanchan (People)]. ([TGS,Ch40])
* Nicola is raised to [Accepted]. ([ToM,Ch27])
* [Egwene|Egwene alVere] sends Nicola and [Nissa] to [Caemlyn] to get new dream %%ot [ter'angreal|Angreal]%% from [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]. ([ToM,Ch27])
* Nicola disobeys orders and joins in the fighting against the [Black Ajah] in %%ot [Tel'aran'rhiod|TelAranRhiod]%%. She is killed. ([ToM,Ch40])

! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [Lord of Chaos]
## [LoC,Ch12] - Nicola does not have the inborn spark to [channel|True Source]. Nevertheless, she has great potential to learn.
# In [A Crown of Swords]
## [ACoS,Ch9] - Nicola has two Talents, [Foretelling|Weaves] and seeing %%ot [ta'veren|Wheel of Time]%%. Her last name is Treehill.
## [ACoS,Ch10] - [Egwene|Egwene alVere] thinks that she cannot allow Nicola and [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] to ruin her plans. She visits [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara]'s and [Elayne|Elayne Trakand]'s dreams to tell them about the threat.
## [ACoS,Ch13] - [Nynaeve|Nynaeve alMeara], [Elayne|Elayne Trakand], [Aviendha] and [Birgitte|Birgitte Trahelion] are worried that [Areina|Areina Nermasiv] and Nicola might try to harm [Egwene|Egwene alVere].
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Ch30] - [Tiana Noselle] reports to [Egwene|Egwene alVere] that Nicola is a runaway. She has been gone for four days and other [novices] have been covering for her.
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