Ishamael (TV)

Pronunciation: ih-SHAH-may-EHL

aka: Ba'alzamon, Betrayer of Hope, Elan Morin Tedronai
Pronunciation: bah-AHL-zah-mon

One of the Forsaken. His original name was Elan Morin Tedronai.

(Possible Spoilers)#

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Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

The Eye of the World#

  • Rand wakes from sleep and Moiraine asks him if he had a dream and he replies that the Dark One knows where they are. Ishamael, with ember eyes and mouth, stabs Moiraine through the back of her head and she falls dead. He is dressed in a similar fashion as Lews Therin in the cold open. Rand shoots him in the eye. Ishamael pushes the arrow through his eye, which takes his face with it, revealing that he had a mask on and had a normal face beneath it. Ishamael says that Rand looks nothing like Lews Therin, but he can still tell that Rand is him. Ishamael asks Rand what his plan is. He compares who Rand has with him now (Moiraine) versus what Lews Therin had with him then (99 companions). Rand draws his sword and Ishamael notices that it's a heron-marked blade. Ishamael asks where he got it from and Rand replies from his father. Ishamael is amused that Rand thinks that Tam is his father. (Episode 108)
  • At the Eye, Rand seems to be passed out and Moiraine is trying to revive him. Ishamael appears and Moiraine instantly channels to attack, but Ishamael stops the attack and then shields Moiraine. (Episode 108)
  • Rand accepts that it's really Egwene, but the whole scene freezes moments later and Ishamael approaches them. He tells Rand that he can remake the world in his image and that he can show Rand how. The scene switches back to the Eye. Ishamael is wondering if Rand will pick the Light or Dark. Moiraine pulls a knife out and places it at Rand's throat, warning that if Rand doesn't choose the Light, she will choose for him. (Episode 108)
  • Ishamael shows Rand that the world is not so stable by causing a slash to appear in Egwene's neck. He repairs it after Rand demands him to. Rand then asks Ishamael how he can make it real. (Episode 108)
  • Ishamael is giving instructions to Rand, telling him to empty himself of all feelings and turn them into want. To want everything so much that it turns into reality. Rand starts channeling. The scene changes back to the Eye. Ishamael informs Moiraine that Rand is now channeling. (Episode 108)
  • Rand is drawing in more One Power with Ishamael urging him on.
  • Rand is now channeling into Moiraine's sa'angreal. Ishamael tells him to stop, to make the world how he wants. Rand asks about what Egwene wants and then releases the Power in the sa'angreal into Ishamael, seemingly destroying him and cracking the symbol on the floor.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In Season 1
    1. Episode 103 - Dana says Darkfriends still remember the last person, Ishamael, that brought the Dragon to the Dark One 3,000 years ago.
    2. Episode 105 - Stepin is trying to ward off Ishamael.

Book Character: Ishamael