!!! The Guide and Other Sources

There are many additional Wheel of Time resources. Below are sources that Robert Jordan co-wrote or collaborated on in one way or another. While many do not strictly consider these to be "canon", they are occasionally cited in the Encyclopaedia WoT where they provide additional insight on a topic.

!! The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

%%center or simply, __The Guide__%%

The __Guide__ is a reference work itself so it is not summarized and cross-referenced on this site. However, the Encyclopaedia WoT has numerous references to the __Guide__ where it provides additional information on a topic. Most of the information should be reliable. Anecdotally, we understand that most of the text was taken directly from Robert Jordan's notes. However, there are occasional passages where Robert Jordan told Teresa Patterson to write what she thought would be correct. His intent was to create a realistic history as would be written by an historian with good, but not perfect, source material. Despite many other faults, the __Guide__ has an excellent and comprehensive index.

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!! The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game

__The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game__ by Wizards of the Coast was written by others. Robert Jordan was a consultant though, unfortunately, the level of his input tended to be, "No, you cannot have ninjas and clerics in my world."  It contains extensive information on the world of the Wheel of Time and some of its characters. Where there is new information that, in some way, is corroborated by the chronology it is cited in the Encyclopaedia WoT. Most of the information falls in the category of background and history of the countries and cultures of the Wheel of Time. There are also some improved maps.

The [Wizards of the Coast website|http://www.wizards.com/wheeloftime/] originally offered some additional support as well as a six page Web Enhancement. This support has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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!! The Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon

__Prophecies of the Dragon__ by Wizards of the Coast is an extensive campaign in the Wheel of Time RPG environment. It covers a background [Darkfriend] plot spanning [The Great Hunt] through [Lord of Chaos]. Again, Robert Jordan was only a consultant. It contains almost no new information that can be corroborated by the chronology, but there are a few bits that are cited in the Encyclopaedia WoT.

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!! The Starscape Books

Tor reissued the first two books under the Starscape imprint to introduce younger readers to the Wheel of Time. __[The Eye of the World]__ is now available split into two books, __From the Two Rivers__ (Chapters 1 - 23) and __To the Blight__ (Chapters 24 - 53). __From the Two Rivers__ contains a new Prologue, ''[Ravens|TEotW,Earlier]'', and __To the Blight__ has a slightly expanded Glossary with a couple of new entries.

The Starscape editions of The Great Hunt do not contain any new information but they do have some [corrigenda|Errata and Corrigenda] that have not yet appeared in the Tor editions.
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!! Signings, Chats, Interviews, Q&A and Blog

Robert Jordan answered a great many questions at author signings and other events. Various folks have taken notes and compiled them. There is a comprehensive list on [The Wheel of Time Index|http://www.ece.umd.edu/~dilli/WOT/WOTindex/interview.html]. There is also a Q&A section in the eBook ''Glimmers: The Prologue to Crossroads of Twilight''. Beginning in December 2003 Tor published a weekly [Robert Jordan Q&A|http://www.tor.com/jordan/questions.html] on their website and Dragonmount.com hosted [Robert Jordan's personal blog|http://www.dragonmount.com/RobertJordan/] where he also answered questions. Many of the answers are surprisingly revealing and are cited in Encyclopaedia WoT. Check them out!

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!! The Official Wheel of Time Encyclopedia

Harriet MacDougal has contracted to write the official Wheel of Time Encyclopedia with the assistance of the Team Jordan folks. Work on the Encyclopedia is currently underway. A rough estimate is that it will be published about a year after [A Memory of Light].