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Work In Progresss

Scenes are as identified by the Prime series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

* Scene 1 - Amazon Original
* Scene 2 - Previously On
* Scene 7 - Title Sequence
* Scene 55 - End Credits
* Scene 56 - Coming This Season
* Scene 57 - End Credits


! Scene 3 -Torches in the Distance

Starts at 00:02:55. Location is [Tel'Aran'Rhiod].

! Scene 4 - Excuse Me

Starts at 00:04:29. Location is [Tel'Aran'Rhiod].

! Scene 5 - The Peddler

Starts at 00:05:17. Location is [Tel'Aran'Rhiod].

[Padan Fain (TV)] reveals himself at the table.

! Scene 6 - Just Hungry?

Starts at 00:05:21. Location is [Tel'Aran'Rhiod].

! Scene 8 - A Bath

Starts at 00:07:09. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 9 - Sword Practice

Starts at 00:09:50. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 10 - Move to the Left a Little

Starts at 00:10:45. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 11 - An Illianer

Starts at 00:11:30. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 12 - Posturing

Starts at 00:11:58. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 13 - Nice Dress

Starts at 00:12:37. Location is [White Tower].

Egwene is cleaning Suian's room and takes a long look at Siuan's Amyrlin dress.

! Scene 14 - Training Grounds

Starts at 00:13:34. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 15 - Leave the Bucket

Starts at 00:14:27. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 16 - Clean Water

Starts at 00:15:47. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 17 - Embracing the Source

Starts at 00:16:45. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 18 - That Much Power

Starts at 00:17:16. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 19 - Drink the Water

Starts at 00:17:53. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 20 - Frustration

Starts at 00:18:40. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 21 - Novice Report

Starts at 00:18:50. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 22 - The World Simmers

Starts at 00:19:17. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 23 - A Talk

Starts at 00:19:51. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 24 - Letters and a New Tracker

Starts at 00:20:33. Location is [Arad Doman].

! Scene 25 - A Near Miss

Starts at 00:21:41. Location is [Arad Doman].

! Scene 26 - A Signal Fire

Starts at 00:22:56. Location is [Arad Doman].

! Scene 27 - The Fire Is Not Mine

Starts at 00:23:03. Location is [Arad Doman].

[Ingtar|Ingtar (TV)] acknowledges [Elyas|Elyas (TV)]. [Uno|Uno (TV)] tells [Elyas|Elyas (TV)] to put out the fire before [Padan Fain|Padan Fain (TV)] sees it. [Elyas|Elyas (TV)] say the fire is not his. He glances at [Perrin|Perrin (TV)] and then starts leading them down to the fire.

! Scene 28 - A Vision

Starts at 00:23:38. Location is [Arad Doman].

Campfire. Many [Tinkers] killed. [Perrin|Perrin (TV)]'s eyes turn golden and he sees a vision of [Padan Fain|Padan Fain (TV)] attacking a woman and little girl getting away. [Elyas|Elyas (TV)] says there was a child that got away.

The group continues and comes across a dead dog and [Shienar]en. The [Shienar]en is wearing the same symbol as seen on one of the meeting attendees in the first scenes. The dog was apparently protecting the girl. [Loial|Loial (TV)] says that the dead [Shienar]en was one of those who helped [Padan Fain|Padan Fain (TV)] enter [Fal Dara].

[Ingtar|Ingtar (TV)] says that they shall bury the bodies and continue following in the morning.

! Scene 29 - Broken Heartstone

Starts at 00:25:07. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 30 - Afraid of a Little Silence?

Tomas and Lan chat.

Starts at 00:26:10. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 31 - Always Loved Me a Good Poem

Starts at 00:27:24. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

"The Sea Folk might be good at the game...but the Aes Sedai invented it"

! Scene 32 - Sword Practice

Starts at 00:30:48. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 33 - Why Did You Come Here?

Starts at 00:32:13. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 34 - Visiting Egwene

Starts at 00:32:41. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 35 - Advice from Alanna

Starts at 00:32:56. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 36 - The Talk

Starts at 00:35:13. Location is [White Tower].

Liandrin causes Nynaeve to break through her block.

! Scene 37 - A Rage Inside

Starts at 00:38:39. Location is [Arad Doman].

[Elyas|Elyas (TV)] buries the dog.

Perrin remembers Padan Fain and speaks about the rage growing within him.
Ingtar says that maybe Perrin should ask why Fain did those things before killing him.

! Scene 38 - Dinner Plans

Starts at 00:41:52. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

Lan is angry at Moiraine for what he thinks she's doing to him.

She says she'll have her dinner upstairs tonight and he tells her to make it herself and eat it wherever she wants.

! Scene 39 - Bel Tine

Starts at 00:43:51. Location is [White Tower].

A letter from Perrin.

! Scene 40 - No Mention of Mat

Starts at 00:46:09. Location is [White Tower].

! Scene 41 - Keeping the Ring

Starts at 00:47:32. Location is [Arad Doman].

Perrin launches his Bel Tine lantern with his wedding ring on it, but takes the ring back before the lantern gets too far away.

! Scene 42 - Mat's Bel Tine

Starts at 00:48:20. Location is [White Tower].

Mat picks the lantern off the floor and stands up.

! Scene 43 - May His Spirit Find Its Way Back To Us

Starts at 00:48:28. Location is [Arad Doman].

Egwene and Nynaeve.

Mat digging through wall.

Nynaeve putting lantern on window sill.

! Scene 44 - Perrin's Bel Tine

Starts at 00:49:20. Location is [Arad Doman].

[Perrin|Perrin (TV)] watches his [Bel Tine|Calendar] lantern drift away, with tears in his eyes.

! Scene 45 - Bel Tine in [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)]

Starts at 00:49:28. Location is [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)].

Rand hangs up a [Bel Tine|Calendar] lantern.[45]

! Scene 46 - Want Us To Wait?

Starts at 00:49:49. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 47 - Being Cut Off

Starts at 00:50:45. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 48 - Time To Listen

Starts at 00:51:36. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

! Scene 49 - Not Taking Dinner

Starts at 00:53:10. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

Lan takes Moiraine's meal up to her, but she's not in her room. 

! Scene 50 - Riding Off

Starts at 00:54:00. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

[Moiraine|Moiraine (TV)] mounts her horse and rides off.

She doesn't get far before she's confronted by a [Fade].
Her horse rears, throwing her off, and then gallops away.
She stabs the [Fade] and it falls, but when she turns around, she's stabbed by a second [Fade] and falls to the ground.

! Scene 51 - Two More

Starts at 00:56:04. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

The [Fade] raises its sword, preparing to stab [Moiraine|Moiraine (TV)],
when [Lan|Lan (TV)] leaps in and slices the [Fade] twice, killing it.
Two more [Fades] appear and [Lan|Lan (TV)] fights them. He kills one but the other one takes him down.

! Scene 52 - Cover Your Ears

Starts at 00:57:50. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

[Moiraine|Moiraine (TV)] tries to channel, but fails.
Not far away, [Verin|Verin (TV)] yells for them to cover their ears.

! Scene 53 - Flaming Blade

Starts at 00:58:13. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

[Verin|Verin (TV)] lights [Tomas|Tomas (TV)]'s blade on fire and he kills the remaining [Fade].

! Scene 54 - What Aren't You Telling Me?

Starts at 00:58:30. Location is [Tifan's Well|Tifans Well].

[Lan|Lan (TV)] demands that [Moiraine|Moiraine (TV)] tell him what she's hiding from him.


! Notes (Possible Spoilers)

[45|#45] First time seeing Rand and first time seeing [Cairhien|Cairhien (City)].\\


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