Title: King Alsalam Saeed Almadar

King of [Arad Doman].

! Physical Description

He is not handsome enough for [Graendal]'s tastes. ([LoC,Ch6])

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* King Alsalam is missing. No one seems to know where he is, but he is not in [Bandar Eban]. ([CoT,Prologue])
* [Cadsuane|Cadsuane Melaidhrin] finds Alsalam and returns him to [Tear|Tear (Country)] where [Ituralde|Rodel Ituralde] meets him. ([ToM,Ch32])
* [Egwene], King [Easar|Easar Togita] from [Shienar], King Alsalam from [Arad Doman], [Elayne] from [Andor], %%green [Cadsuane]%%, [Min], [Perrin], [Faile], [Nynaeve], King [Roedran|Roedran Analoy] from [Murandy], [Gregorin|Gregorin Panar den Lushenos] from [Illainer|Illian (Country)], King [Paitar|Paitar Neramovni Nachiman] from [Arafel], King [Darlin|Darlin Sisnera] from [Tear|Tear (Country)], Queen [Tenobia|Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi] from [Saldaea], Queen [Alliandre|Alliandre Maritha Kigarin] from [Ghealdan] and [Berelain|Berelain sur Paendrag] from [Mayene] all attend [Rand]'s meeting at the [Field of Merrilor]. ([AMoL,Ch5])

! Other References (Possible Spoilers)

# In [Lord of Chaos]
## [LoC,Ch6] - [Graendal] keeps Alsalam's brother and sister-in-law, his youngest sister and eldest daughter as pets.
# In [The Path of Daggers]
## [TPoD,Ch12] - [Graendal] forges a letter from Alsalam to [Rodel Ituralde] designed to create more chaos.
# In [Crossroads of Twilight]
## [CoT,Prologue] - [Rodel Ituralde] thinks Alsalam has been a good ruler for over twenty years, but his recent orders seem intent on causing chaos.
## [CoT,Ch18] - In the east there are confusing rumors about King Alsalam, [Rodel Ituralde] and [Arad Doman].
## Glossary - His full name is Alsalam Saeed Almadar. He is High Seat of House [Almadar|Arad Doman].
# In [Knife of Dreams]
## [KoD,Ch18] - [Logain|Logain Ablar] reports that the Council of Merchants claim that Alsalam is still King but no one knows where he is.
# In [The Gathering Storm]
## [TGS,Ch7] - [Bael] reports that [Dobraine|Dobraine Taborwin] has [Bandar Eban] under control, but King Alsalam and the [Council of Merchants|Arad Doman] have disappeared.
## [TGS,Ch10] - [Rand|Rand alThor] tells [Ituralde|Rodel Ituralde] that his loyalty to King Alsalam is now moot because he is in thrall to [Graendal].
## [TGS,Ch29] - [Rand|Rand alThor] commands [Milisair Chadmar] to produce the last messenger she received from King Alsalam.
## [TGS,Ch31] - [Rand|Rand alThor] still has not decided what to do about missing Alsalam.
## [TGS,Ch37] - [Natrin's Barrow|Natrins Barrow] is so old and remote, King Alsalam probably did not even know about it.
# In [Towers of Midnight]
## [ToM,Ch13] - [Rand|Rand alThor] sends [Cadsuane|Cadsuane Melaidhrin] to the [Caralain Grass] to search for Alsalam.

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