A [Jenn] [Aiel] during the [Breaking] and [Rand|Rand alThor]'s ancestor. His father is [Jonai]. His wife is [Siedre]. His children are [Marind], [Rhea|Rhea (Aiel)], [Elwin], [Sorelle] and [Jaren].

! Physical Description

! Chronology (Possible Spoilers)

* [Jonai] leads the [Aiel] from [Paaran Disen] with his family including five year old Adan. ([TSR,Ch26])
* [Jonai] and Adan meet a band of [Ogier] who tell them things are very bad to the north. [Jonai] has a heart attack. As he dies, he tells Adan to lead the [Aiel] south. ([TSR,Ch26])
* Adan comforts [Lewin] and [Maigran] after their father, [Malind|Malind Nachenin], is killed in a raid. Adan is distraught. His children, [Elwin], [Sorelle] and [Jaren] died previously. His wife, [Siedre], and his son, [Malind|Malind Nachenin] were killed in the raid and the bandits carried off his daughter [Rhea|Rhea (Aiel)]. All his has left is his daughter-in-law, [Saralin], and her children. ([TSR,Ch26])
* When [Lewin] and his friends, [Luca], [Gearan] and [Alijha], return from freeing [Maigran] and [Colline] the girls run to their mothers. Adan, [Saralin] and [Nerrine] disown the boys for using violence. ([TSR,Ch25])


! Other References (Possible Spoilers)



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