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Due to insufficient information and some inconsistencies, it is not possible to construct an exact timeline for all the events in 998 - 1000 NE. For a more detailed attempt, see the timeline constructed by Steven Cooper.

Second Age
Age of Legends
  War of the Shadow
The Strike at Shayol Ghul
The Eye of the World - Prologue
Breaking of the World
Third Age

After the
98 AB Construction of the White Tower and Tar Valon begins
200 AB Compact of the Ten Nations forms
202 AB The White Tower and Tar Valon are completed
212 AB Caraighan Maconar born
335 AB Raolin Darksbane declares himself the Dragon Reborn
336 AB Raolin Darksbane dead/gentled?
373 AB Caraighan Maconar dies
1000 AB Trolloc Wars begin
1150 AB Rashima Kerenmosa is born
1251 AB Rashima Kerenmosa is raised to the Amyrlin Seat
1300 AB Yurian Stonebow declares himself the Dragon Reborn
1301 AB Rashima Kerenmosa dies
1308 AB Yurian Stonebow dead/gentled?
The Free
13?? AB / FY 1 Trolloc Wars end
FY 351 Davian declares himself the Dragon Reborn
FY 920 Deane Aryman born
FY 939 Guaire Amalasan declares himself the Dragon Reborn
FY 939 � FY 943 War of the Second Dragon
FY 943 Guaire Amalasan dead/gentled?, Artur Hawkwing begins reign
FY 992 Artur Hawkwing sends armies across the Aryth Ocean
Deane Aryman raised to Amyrlin Seat
FY 994 Artur Hawkwing dies/War of the Hundred Years begins
FY 1084 Deane Aryman dies
New Era FY 1117 / 1 NE War of the Hundred Years ends
306 NE Whitecloaks hang the body of Serenia Latar
526 NE Corianin Nedeal dies
566 NE Aiel present Avendoraldera sapling to Cairhien
705 NE Cadsuane Melaidhrin born
859 NE Last stilling performed (for a while)
930 NE Novice Zarya Alkaese runs away from the White Tower
Verin Mathwin begins her project
953 NE Lan Mandragoran born
956 NE Moiraine Damodred born
957 NE The Whitecloak War
961 NE Merana Ambrey negotiates Fifth Treaty of Falme
968 NE The Travels of Jain Farstrider is published
971 NE Luc Mantear rides north to the Blight
972 NE Tigraine vanishes
Moiraine becomes a novice
Logain Ablar born
973 NE Tamra Ospenya succeeds Noane Masadim as Amyrlin Seat
975 NE Moiraine and Siuan raised to Accepted
late Spring 976 NE Beginning of the Aiel War
late 978 NE � Spring 979 NE New Spring: The Novel
late 978 NE King Laman killed/End of the Aiel War
Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara born
Moiraine and Siuan raised to the shawl
early 979 NE Sierin Vayu succeeds Tamra Ospenya as Amyrlin Seat
Spring 979 NE Moiraine bonds Lan as her Warder
981 NE Egwene al'Vere born
Jain Farstrider disappears
984 NE Marith Jaen succeeds Sierin Vayu as Amyrlin Seat
988 NE Siuan Sanche succeeds Marith Jaen as Amyrlin Seat
991 NE Ravens spy on Emond's Field
The Eye of the World - Earlier
997 NE Logain declares himself the Dragon Reborn
Late Spring - Mid Summer 998 NE The Eye of the World
Mid Summer - Late Fall 998 NE The Great Hunt
Winter - Late Spring 999 NE The Dragon Reborn
Late Spring - Mid Summer 999 NE The Shadow Rising
Late Summer - Early Fall 999 NE The Fires of Heaven
Early Fall 999 NE - Winter 1000 NE Lord of Chaos
Mid Winter 1000 NE A Crown of Swords
Late Winter 1000 NE The Path of Daggers
Late Winter 1000 NE Winter's Heart
Late Winter � Early Spring 1000 NE Crossroads of Twilight
Spring 1000 NE Knife of Dreams
Late Spring � Early Summer 1000 NE The Gathering Storm
Late Spring � Early Summer 1000 NE Towers of Midnight
Early Summer - ? 1000 NE A Memory of Light

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