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The Two Rivers

Map: A map of the Two Rivers is available in TEotW hc p. xviii, pb p. xvi, and in the Guide, p. 248. There is also a map in PotD, p. 111.

This is a region in Andor. The "two rivers" refers to the Taren River on the northern and eastern borders and the White River on the southern border. The western border is the Sand Hills. From the Sand Hills, the Westwood extends eastward. Three roads converge in the central village of Emond's Field. The Quarry Road leads west to the Sand Hills, the Old Road leads south to Deven Ride and the North Road runs through Watch Hill to Taren Ferry. From Emond's Field, the Winespring Water runs east into the Waterwood which eventually becomes a boggy area simply known as the Mire.



Folks who live on farms or whose village is not known.


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