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Emond's Field

The place of origin of many of the main characters. It is in the region known as the Two Rivers.
A rough map

Ruling Body

Emond's Field is ruled by the mayor, the village council, the Wisdom and the women's circle. At the beginning of the series, the mayor is Bran al'Vere, and the Wisdom is Nynaeve. Now that Perrin and Faile have moved in and a manor house is being built, however, "Lord" Perrin now rules Emond's Field, much to his chagrin.

Inns, etc.


Village Council

"Rand expected to find the common room empty except for Bran and his father and the cat, but four more members of the Village Council, including Cenn, sat in high-backed chairs" (TEotW,Ch2)
"Only two of the men before the fire, Haral Luhhan...and Jon Thane" (TEotW,Ch2)
Who is the fourth? Jordan does not say.
"In the common room Rowan Hurn and Samel Crawe had joined the others in front of the fire, so that the entire Village Council was there." (TEotW,Ch2)


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