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Pronunciation: KAYM-lihn

Map: A map of Caemlyn is available in TFoH hc p. 642, pb p. 906, in the Guide, p. 239, and in CoT hc p. 284. There is a large map of Caemlyn in TWoTRPG, p. 267.

The capital city of Andor. The Whitebridge Gate leads west to the Four Kings Road. There is a road north that leads through the Braem Wood to Tar Valon. The Far Madding Gate leads south to the Far Madding Road. The Sunrise Gate leads east to the Erinin Road to Aringill. A fifty foot high wall of gray stone surrounds the city which is built on rising hills. Another wall of pure white stone surrounds the central part of the city called the Inner City which was built by Ogier. One entrance to the Inner City is the Origan Gate. Another gate to the Inner City is the Mondel Gate. The outer part of the city is called the New City. The heavily populated area outside the city walls is called Low Caemlyn.




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