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Pronunciation: TRAHL-lohks

Aginor created the Trollocs during the War of Power as soldiers for the Shadow. They are huge, maybe eight feet tall. They have the body of a man and the head and feet of an animal such as a bear, bird, wolf or goat. They are very strong and fast, but they are too stupid, lazy and cowardly to be good soldiers.

Trollocs see well in the dark, but bright light blinds them. Some can track by scent or sound, but they are lazy and easily give up. They kill for the pleasure of killing. They cannot be trusted unless they are afraid of you, and then not far.

Trollocs reproduce. Occasionally the offspring is a Myrddraal. For more information on Trollocs and Myrddraal see the FAQ Section 1.6.1, [[local FAQ Section 1.6.1]].


James Beveridge


Trollocs are divided into tribe-like bands, each with their own sigil. The names are derived from various mythological creatures as shown below. There are twelve principal bands and numerous lesser bands as well.

  • Ahf'frait � silver whirlwind (TGH,Ch16, KoD,Ch19) (Afrit)
  • Al'ghol � hooked axe (KoD,Ch19) (Ghoul)
  • Bhan'sheen - dagger-pierced skull (KoD,Ch19) (Banshee)
  • Dha'vol (DAH-vohl) - horned skull (KoD,Ch19) (Devil)
  • Dhai'mon (DEYE-mon) - iron fist (KoD,Ch19) (Demon)
  • Dhjin'nen - skull cloven by a scythe-curved sword (KoD,Ch19) (Djinn)
  • Ghar'ghael � piled human skulls (KoD,Ch19) (Gargoyle)
  • Ghob'hlin � goat�s skull with fire behind (ToM,Ch21) (Goblin)
  • Gho'hlem (Golem)
  • Ghraem'lan � forked lightning (KoD,Ch19) (Gremlin)
  • Ko'bal (KOH-bahl) - blood red trident (KoD,Ch19) (Kobold)
  • Kno'mon � red, bloodstained fist (KoD,Ch19) (Gnome)

Named Trollocs

There is only one Trolloc whose name is given.


Trollocs have their own language. Here are a few phrases.


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