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The Ways

During the Breaking of the World, the Ogier were trapped in their stedding. Some of the male Aes Sedai came to the stedding to temporarily escape the taint on saidin. In return, the Aes Sedai made the Ways, which would allow the Ogier to travel from stedding to stedding. The Ways are entered through Waygates, which are located just outside of stedding or in groves outside of Ogier-built cities. Unfortunately, many of the groves have been destroyed, but not the Waygates. Waygates can be grown using the Talisman of Growing. Waygates are opened by using a key shaped like an Avendesora leaf. There are two keys per Waygate: one on the inside and one on the outside.

During the War of the Hundred Years the Ways started to darken, probably due to the fact that they were built using tainted saidin. Now, Machin Shin inhabits the Ways and destroys all creatures it finds.

Known Waygates at Cities


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