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Aelfinn and Eelfinn


Also known as the Snake people and the Fox people, they are the beings that inhabit the dimensions accessed by the twisted red doorway ter'angreal and the Tower of Ghenjei. This realm was called Sindhol in the Age of Legends. The Snake people or Aelfinn have the ability to read the future while the Fox people or Eelfinn have the ability to grant wishes. They also collect memories, both past and future, from their visitors. They have also been known as Shadoweyes.

Snakes and Foxes

The children of the Westlands play a game known as Snakes and Foxes. It is a board game. The game begins with a rhyme, "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to dazzle, iron to bind." Players then move their pieces along lines while trying to avoid other pieces representing foxes, marked with a triangle, and snakes, marked with a wavy line. Only children play Snakes and Foxes, as they quickly learn that the only way one can win is to break the rules.


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