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Pronunciation: MUHRD-draal

aka: Eyeless, Fade, Halfman, Lurk

Myrddraal are the spawn of Trollocs and the taint of evil is even stronger in them. They are man-sized and are pasty white. They have no eyes, yet they see like eagles. They have powers that stem from the Dark One. They are no match for an Aes Sedai, but they can best most warriors. The look of a Fade inspires fear in men. In the Trolloc Wars, Dreadlords commanded Fades that led Trollocs into battle.

All Myrddraal are male. They are not sterile but they cannot reproduce with either humans or Trollocs. For more information on Trollocs and Myrddraal see the FAQ Section 1.6.1, [[local FAQ Section 1.6.1]].

James Beveridge


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