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Mazrim Taim

Pronunciation: MAHZ-rihm tah-EEM

aka: M'Hael
The Asha'man call him M'Hael which means "Leader" in the Old Tongue.

A false Dragon. He joined Rand and is now second in command of the Asha'man. For discussions on Mazrim Taim, his identity and his allegiance see the FAQ, Section 1.1.5, local FAQ, Section 1.1.5 and the FAQ, Section 1.5.6, local FAQ, Section 1.5.6.

Physical Description

He has black hair and is above average height. He has the dark face, tilted eyes, hooked nose and high cheekbones of a Saldaean. He looks about thirty-five. (LoC,Ch1) Perrin sees him as dark, slightly hook-nosed, handsome, almost as tall as Rand. (ACoS,Ch2)
full scale picture Mazrim Taim by Richard Boyé


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