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Lord Luc of House Mantear

Pronunciation: LUKE MAN-tee-ahr

aka: Slayer, the man with two souls

Tigraine's brother. He disappeared into the Blight in 971 NE and is presumed dead. His sign is an acorn. He is one facet of Slayer.

Physical Description

He is tall, broad-shouldered and in his middle years. He has a hard, angular face and dark reddish hair white-winged at the temples. He has dark blue eyes. He wears a wolf's-head buckle on his belt. (TSR,Ch33)

As Slayer, he is tall and dark-haired. He has a cold scent that is not really human. (TSR,Ch28) He looks enough like Lan to be his brother. (TSR,Ch42) He has dark hair and blue eyes and a face all hard planes and angles. (TSR,Ch53)


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